The coast nearby and the Chain of Tuscany islands right in front of the Baratti Gulf offer groundbreaking diving spots. The thrill to discover plenty of different kind of fish and seabeds, traces from ancient civilization and abandoned ships. Scuba diving in this area is an experience you do not want to miss.


9.30 -18.30

free diving sessions with experienced instructor will allow every festival attendant to discover what underwater breathing feels like


Diving session in the exclusive archaeological Baratti area

Diving session in the exclusive archaeological Baratti Area

Do not miss your chance to admire “Dolia” sphere shaped big clay pots, used during Ancient Rome era to transport wine and oil. Given their dimension, Dolia could reach 1 meter and half height and width. They were placed in the central part of the ship while amphoras were stored upfront.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this unique diving session for only 25€ each person!

Special Deals offered for CARD owners.

6 people teams minimum, 20 people maximum.

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All sessions are arranged by Baratti Diving, a professional diving center located in the Baratti Gulf. Its strategic location allows different types of scuba diving and most importantly, to reach Elba Island most enchanting sites in about 30 minute by floating craft boat. Tania and Luca, experienced trainer deeply know these coasts and will make your whole underwater journey an unforgettable time!