Slacklining is a balancing sport involving a piece of nylon rope line which is suspended above the ground between two anchor points, often trees or other upright structures which are sufficiently far apart. Born in the United States this discipline involves lots of fun and it’s therefore quickly taking over Italy.

Baratti Slackline Meeting #3

The slacklining dedicated area inside the Outdoor Sports Festival will host the third edition of Baratti Slackline Meeting.

10 different types of lines will be available:

  • BASIC: 2 lines, set up at an height of about 30 centimeters, in order to allow children to have fun while in total safety
  • ROOKIE LINE: type of line suitable for rookies or people who just got into this sport
  • TRICKLINE: type of line that allows more experienced users to perform stunning evolution and breath taking jumps
  • TUBOLAR: a different type of line, much more elastic than those ones made in polyester
  • MIDLINE: type of line that’s ideal for those who want to approach the longline world
  • LONGLINE: 3 different type of lines for advanced level slackliners who enjoy walking hanging on a thin rope 25mm wide. 40, 60, 100 meters longline will be available
  • RODEOLINE: type of line allowing to focus on stability and balance


The Slackline dedicated area is taken care by the Jungle Boarders Association. Demonstrations will be set up throughout the festival and the staff will be available for all those willing to know more about this new sport discipline.