“Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen”. This quote perfectly embodies this sport’s essence. Violent at a first sight, yet based on fair play, rules observance and respect towards the opponent. It’s no coincidence how the “After-match Party” is an important tradition of this sport. At the end of the game, players from both teams meet up and celebrate together the match they’ve just played. A moment where sport meets friendship, chill out and have fun all together.

Saturday June 4th

10.30 -12.30

Children Mini Rugby - children of any age are welcome to take part

14.30 -18.30

Any festival attendant from 12 up until 40 years old can sign up. Demonstrations, performances and a real training sessions with Etruria Piombino female Rugby Team and their coach will take place


Touch Rugby Game – Mixed teams. There will be no contact, just a chance to directly and safely experience this game.

Sunday June 5th

10.30 -12.30

Children Mini Rugby - children of any age are welcome to sign up


Let’s clean up Baratti: Rugby players seems tough and merciless, yet deep inside they hold a gentle heart and they love nature. During a walk on the beach and in the pine grove, we’ll be using gloves and bags to leave this place cleaner than ever.


Touch Rugby tournament, set up on the large lawn overlooking the beach